flood response - 2016

Baton Rouge Victoria MHU Group Site


In 2016, massive flooding inundated the greater Baton Rouge area,rendering thousands of homes uninhabitable due to rising waters and the resultant flood damage. Thousands of homeowners and residents were displaced and left without viable housing, which caused a severe shortage in short-term sheltering.

In response, USACE and FEMA commissioned the development and construction of mobile home unit (MHU) group sites, which would serve as emergency and short-term housing for residents in the affected areas. Multiple sites were developed, and thousands of FEMA and private industry MHUs were brought to the region to meet the demand.

SLS was engaged to construct the Victoria site, which was located in East Baton Rouge. Working with several local partners and a local labor force, SLS was responsible for complete site development, as well as the installation of the MHUs. Tasks included site stabilization, utility (electrical, sewer & water) installation, road improvements, security fencing and ancillary amenity construction. Also included were foundation/pad construction, MHU transport, setting, hook-ups and make-ready. All work was completed in a highly compressed timeframe, with USACE providing construction management services.

Project Specs:

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisianna

Client: US Army Corps of Engineers/FEMA

Type: Federal

Value:: $1.4 million

Units:: 30 Units