Earthquake Recovery 2010

Canadian Embassy Housing


In 2010, a massive earthquake devastated Haiti, destroying or compromising much of the country’s infrastructure and structural building and housing stock. The effects were amplified in the more densely populated urban areas, including Port-Au-Prince, where the Canadian embassy compound was located and rendered uninhabitable.

In its effort to restore facilities as quickly as possible, Canada DFAIT commissioned a modular compound that could be used until the permanent embassy was restored, with SLS, CB&I and Hunter Building Systems engaged for the development and construction of the project.

SLS was responsible for site and infrastructure development, as well as the vertical construction and installation of the modular units. Within a four-month period, SLS mobilized men, equipment and materials to Haiti from the U.S. via air and ship transport, and constructed a fully-functional, self-contained compound for embassy personnel. Included in the compound were housing units, offices, kitchen and dining facilities, laundry facilities and recreational amenities.

Project Specs:

Location: Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Client: Canada DFAIT

Type: Canadian Government

Units: 45 Units

Value: $3.5 Million