hurricane harvey response 2018

City of Houston DAHLR Program


In August 2017, the City of Houston was severely impacted by Hurricane Harvey. In addition to wind and rain damage  sustained from the storm, the city experienced catastrophic flooding from rising rivers and bayous throughout the area.  Thousands of homes were damaged and destroyed, with an exponential amount of residents left without viable  housing.

The City of Houston immediately instituted the DAHLR program, which was very similar to the Texas GLO DAHLR  program, which targeted homes outside of the municipal limits. The intent of the program was to provide residents with  quasi-permanent repairs to allow for long-term sheltering until more permanent repairs could be made. The general  scope of work included providing residents with the restoration of one bedroom, one bathroom, kitchen, climate control,  weatherproofing and fully functioning electrical and plumbing systems, all which were to be performed under a $60,000  construction cap per home.

SLS was engaged by the City as a prime contractor in the program and tasked with the rapid rehabilitation of assigned  homes. Overall tasks included inspections, scope development, homeowner management, subcontractor engagement  and management, procurement, construction and warranty services. Providing turnkey solutions, SLS worked closely  with City personnel to ensure all homes were completed on budget and within accelerated time-frames.

Project Specs:

Location: Houston, Texas

Client: City of Houston, Texas

Type: HUD/City of Houston

Value: $1.1 Million

Units: 21 Homes