hurricane harvey Response 2017-2018

Corpus Christi Naval Air Station Repairs


Hurricane Harvey impacted Texas in 2017, severely compromising the integrity of commercial, institutional and  military facilities along the Gulf Coast, including Corpus Christi Naval Air Station (NAS). Damage included  structural, roofing, mechanical and electrical systems, and systems and equipment required for aircraft  maintenance and operations.

SLS was engaged by construction manager CH2M to provide staged services, with the primary focus on damage  assessments and prioritization of repair work, as well as emergency repair work that would allow for continued  operations until permanent stabilization could be implemented.

In the role of general contractor, SLS first identified buildings and structures requiring stabilization at NAS,  Kingsville and other outlying support fields and centers, and subsequently performed damage assessments and  prioritizations of the facilities and the work to be performed.

The second phase included the execution of repair work according to the developed scopes and prioritizations. This  work included debris collection and removal; selective structural demolition; asbestos abatement; roof stabilization;  patching and short-term, temporary roof replacement; window repairs; wall repairs; electrical lighting repair and  replacement; facility auxiliary generator repair; HVAC repair and replacement; interior dehumidification; and interior  demolition including carpet, ceiling tiles, insulation and water management systems.

Repairs were performed at various facilities at NAS and associated locations and were completed within 60 days  from engagement.

Project Specs:

Location: Corpus Christi, Texas

Client: U.S. Navy

Type: Federal Recovery

Value: $2.4 Million

Scope: Facility & Infrastructure Repairs