Hurricane Michael Response 2018

FDOT Response Shelter


In October 2018, Hurricane Michael made direct impact on the eastern Florida panhandle as a Category 4  hurricane. The storm caused mass devastation throughout the state and brought major disruption and damage to  the landscape, infrastructure, housing stock and multiple towns, communities and cities. Immediate response  efforts required the mobilization of thousands of emergency response personnel, including FDOT service crews,  who were charged with providing emergency road and highway clearing and access services.

SLS was immediately mobilized and tasked with assisting FDOT through the provision of an emergency response  shelter capable of housing and feeding hundreds of FDOT personnel. Within 72 hours, SLS transformed an existing  FDOT facility into a fully-functional shelter and operations base, providing comprehensive sleeping, feeding,  hygiene and power services.

Utilizing in-house and subcontractor personnel and resources, SLS provided generators, cots, blankets, linens,  pillows, sleeping trailers, shower trailers, portable toilets and personal products, as well as providing three  fully-catered meals per day to shelter occupants.

Project Specs:

Location: Chipley, Florida

Client: Florida Department of Transportation

Type: State of Florida

Value: $1.8 Million

Units: 150 Beds