federal division

Promoting Progress & Protecting Citizens 


SLS works across the nation and internationally executing a myriad of construction, development and infrastructure projects sponsored by the Federal government. With a healthy resume of land and marine-based experience, we have the ability to mobilize to any location required to further the efforts of various Federal government agencies and their second-level conduits to promote progress and protect our citizens from disaster.

Not only do we provide these vital services, we endeavor to do so with innovative solutions in design, manpower, materials and execution that serve to minimize risk, time and cost.

Our personnel’s extensive experience in the civilian and military world, as well as government-sponsored contracting efforts across the globe has given us unique insight into how to execute a mission from beginning to end with the highest levels of situational risk mitigation.

SLS has the ability to bring more than adequate amounts of equipment, materials and experienced personnel to any location domestically or internationally no matter the logistical, locational or situational challenges. Utilizing these resources, we work closely with our clients to fully understand every fundamental aspect of the mission and deploy, execute and complete assignments as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible.

Partners We've Worked With:

Linking the continental United States with the global market.


  • Military installation construction, improvement & site development

  • Infrastructure construction & development

  • Disaster-relief community rehabilitation

  • Temporary & emergency man-camp housing

  • Marine construction & improvement

  • Levee construction & rehabilitation

  • Intermodal transportation facility construction & renovation