STORM REcovery 2015-2016

FEMA Native American Housing Restoration


In 2015, the Oglala Sioux Native American Reservation was impacted by severe wind and rain storm events, which further damaged already outdated and dilapidated reservation housing. As a result of the storms, FEMA utilized set-aside grant funding and instituted a program to restore housing on the reservation to current building codes and acceptable housing standards.

SLS, in partnership with Native American Small Business interests, was engaged for the project and was tasked with updating the homes to safe, functional and sanitary conditions. Utilizing reservation residents for the labor force, the SLS team executed the work, which included site work, home leveling, ramp and step installation and exterior and interior renovations, as well as HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems repairs and installation. Additional work required to bring the homes up to code included asbestos, lead-based paint, piping and other hazardous material remediation and disposal.

Project Specs:

Location: Ogala Sioux Reservation - Pine Ridge, South Dakota

Client: FEMA

Type: Federal

Value: $6.2 Million

Units: 65 Homes