earthquake response 2011-2013

Haiti NAVFAC Community Reconstruction


In January 2010, Haiti was devastated by a catastrophic 7.0 magnitude earthquake, with the effects felt throughout  the already impoverished country, especially in the more rural villages and towns. The majority of infrastructure,  buildings and homes were compromised, and thousands of residents were left without viable sheltering and  community facilities.

In response, NAVFAC-SE instituted a comprehensive community rebuilding initiative, with the mission of providing  safe and updated community facilities in rural locations throughout the country. Not only were the facilities intended  to provide near-term relief, but also provide resilient structures that would support community growth and activities  in the future.

SLS was engaged to work in four villages throughout Haiti as a part of the program. Included in the scope of work  was the site development and vertical construction of schoolhouses, medical clinics, community centers, fire  stations, emergency operations centers and disaster relief warehouses.

SLS mobilized personnel, equipment and materials from the mainland U.S., and completely self-performed all work  utilizing in-house personnel, as well as local Haitian labor. The projects were very challenging in terms of location,  geo-political environment, logistics and training a local labor force not skilled in current construction means and  methods.

Project Specs:

Location: Haiti (Hinche, Jeremy, Gonaives, & Abricot)

Client: U.S. Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southeast (NAVFAC-SE)

Type: Federal

Value: $9.5 Million

Scope: Community Disaster Reconstruction