remote workforce housing 2012

Halliburton Workforce Camp


In 2012, Halliburton expanded its oilfield services operations in South Texas in support of increased exploration  activity in the region. This required the immediate provision of reliable and self-sustained accommodations for its  management and operational workforce. The challenge was to establish a comprehensive living, dining and  recreational compound in a remote location with miles of separation from urban centers.

SLS and affiliated company DRC Emergency Services were engaged to design and construct a living compound  capable of providing the growing workforce with safe, modern and convenient solutions for remote location housing.

The resultant camp was composed of 70 double-occupancy units capable of comfortably housing 140 personnel, a  full service 24-hour dining facility, restroom units, a self-serve laundromat, amenity center, gymnasium, offices and  equipment sheds. Additionally, the compound was outfitted for self-contained water, waste and electrical services.  Also provided were the operation and management of the camp, which included maintenance, housekeeping, linen  service, catering, vector control and repairs.

Project Specs:

Location: Kennedy, Texas

Client: Halliburton

Type: Private

Value: $8.3 Million

Scope: Modular Unit Compound