Flood Response 2016-2017

Louisiana Shelter At Home Program


In 2016, massive rainstorms inundated regions of Louisiana, including the entire greater Baton Rouge area. Thousands of homes were flooded and left uninhabitable from water and wind damage. GOSHEP and FEMA instituted the Shelter in Place Program, which provided basic repairs to residences and allowed citizens to return home until long-term permanent repairs could be made.

SLS was engaged as a prime contractor in the program and was tasked with providing safe and code-compliant clean-out and rehabilitation work, including demolition, electricity, HVAC, hot water and temporary bathroom facilities. Over 250 personnel were utilized, and work was performed seven days a week, in 18-hour days over a five-month period. As a result, SLS was successful in delivering over 1,200 habitable homes back to displaced Louisiana residents.

Project Specs:

Location: Louisiana (greater Baton Rouge region)

Client: FEMALouisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security &Emergency Preparedness

Type: FEMA/State of Louisiana

Value: $14 Million

Units: 1200+ Home