Utility Disaster Response 2018

MEMA/Columbia Gas Emergency Shelter


In September 2018, Columbia Gas of Massachusetts was performing repairs on its gas supply system serving  residents in Lawrence, Andover and North Andover. During the effort, the low pressure gas distribution system was  over-pressurized, and service to the area had to be shut down. As a result, Columbia Gas had to perform extensive  emergency inspections and repairs to the distribution and home systems, which caused the displacement of  hundreds of homeowners and residents in the affected areas.

SLS was engaged by MEMA and Columbia Gas to set up an emergency shelter to house displaced residents,  while the remedial work was performed. In a matter of days, SLS mobilized personnel and equipment to the area  and transformed an existing warehouse into a warming center and shelter capable of housing 1,000 people.  Services provided include intake, beds, showers, restrooms, linens, toiletries, catering & dining, pet care and first  aid & medical care.

Over 100 personnel were engaged on the project, and worked closely around the clock with subcontractors,  responders and utility employees to provide safe and comfortable service to shelter occupants.

Project Specs:

Location: Lawrence, Massachusetts

Client: Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency/Columbia Gas of Massachusetts

Type: Private

Units: 1,000 Beds