New York City Build It Back - Links and Documents


The NYC Mayor's Office of Housing Recovery Operations and the Build It Back Program are dedicated to helping New Yorkers living in communities affected by Hurricane Sandy rebuild their homes and get their lives back to normal.

By the end of 2016, the City expects over 90 percent of program participants will have received checks and/or commenced construction. In addition, by the end of 2016, approximately 75 percent of City managed single family homes will be complete.


NYC-BIB-Modular Homes Stairs RFB-BID018

Bid Opened


NYC-BIB-Modular Homes Phase 3 RFB-BID014

NYC-BIB-Modular Homes UNION Phase 3 RFB-BID015

NYC-BIB-Modular Homes Phase 3 RFB-BID012

Furnishing All Labor and Material Necessary and Required for Residential Construction Services NYC-BIB-SI-RFB-BID013

NYC-BIB-Modular Homes Phase 1 Supplemental RFB-BID010

Furnishing All Labor and Material Necessary and Required for Residential Construction Services NYC-BIB-SI-RFB-BID004

NYC-BIB-Modular Homes Phase 3 RFB-BID009

Reconstruction Lump Sum Bid NYC-BIB-SI-RFB-BID005

NYC-BIB-Modular Homes Phase 1 RFB-BID008

NYC-BIB-Modular Homes Phase 2 RFB-BID007

NYC-BIB-QUEENS SI JOCS-RFB-BID006 Recons Elevate & Rehab

NYC-BIB-Modular Homes Phase 1 RFB-BID006 v.5.1.17

NYC-BIB-Modular Homes RFB-BID005

NYC-BIB-BRONX JOCS-RFB-BID004 Recons Elevate & Rehab

Recons Elevates JOCS over 300k NYC-BIB-SI-RFB-003

Reconstruction Lump Sum Bid-NYC-BIB-SI-BID004

Reconstruction Lump Sum Bid-NYC-BIB-SI-BID003

Reconstruction Lump Sum Bid NYC-BIB-SI-BID002




Reconstruction Lump Sum Bid NYC-BIB-SI-BID001

Click here for a link to the Request for Qualifications (RFQ), which also serve as applications for pre-qualification for DDC’s PQLs. Please note that you will be required to register before you can download the pre-qualification application.