hurricane harvey response 2017

Port Arthur, TX Emergency Facilities


In August 2017, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas, impacting the majority of the Gulf Coast. The Category  4 storm disrupted the lives and economies of many coastal cities and towns, including Port Arthur, which is located  southeast of Beaumont.

Following Harvey’s impact, the City of Port Arthur immediately responded to its residents’ needs and mobilized  emergency personnel to assist in recovery efforts, which included ensuring citizen safety, clearing roads and aiding  in evacuation and rescue efforts. To expedite operations, Port Arthur staff commissioned a base camp as a central  muster point that was capable of handling the needs of emergency response personnel.

SLS was engaged to provide modular units at the center of operations and was tasked with providing functionally  viable office and sleeping accommodations for staff and responder personnel during the critical response  timeframe. SLS provided 11 units comprised of office, sleeping and dining facilities, which were utilized for several  weeks following Harvey’s impact.

Project Specs:

Location: Port Arthur, Texas

Client: City of Port Arthur, Texas

Type: Municipal

Value: $250,000

Scope: Modular Units