Hurricane Maria Response 2018-2020

Puerto Rico STEP Program


In late September 2017, Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico just weeks after Hurricane Irma impacted the island earlier in  the month. Both storms severely disrupted the economy, housing stock and infrastructure, with thousands of residents displaced  and left without viable housing or shelter. The Puerto Rico Department of Housing in conjunction with FEMA immediately  instituted a comprehensive STEP program to immediately restore as much housing as possible in the near term and allow  residents to return to their homes until permanent repairs could be made.

SLS was engaged as a prime contractor in the endeavor and immediately mobilized personnel, equipment and materials to  Puerto Rico from the mainland. Within a matter of weeks, SLS was fully operational and performing the comprehensive scope of  work, which includes inspections, damage assessments, home rehabilitation, logistics, compliance and construction oversight.  Several months into the STEP program, SLS was given the additional assignment as a prime contractor in the subsequent PHC  program, which is focused on major rehabilitations and reconstructions of over 800 homes that did not qualify for STEP repairs.

Working under program managers Adjusters International (STEP) and Atkins (PHC), SLS will have performed work on over  27,500 homes at a rate of approximately 1,800 per week. Utilizing over 150 subcontractors and over 5,000 personnel, SLS is  tasked with providing safe and quality FEMA-compliant work, while also providing intense management to a myriad of logistical,  operational, administrative and personnel challenges inherent to a storm-ravaged location.

Project Specs:

Location: Puerto Rico

Client: Puerto Rico Department of Housing

Type: FEMA

Value: $375 Million

Units:: 27,500+ Homes