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South Carolina CDBG

South Carolina CDBG-DR Housing Recovery Program


South Carolina (22 Counties)

Completion Year

2016 - 2018


South Carolina Disaster Recovery Office (SCDRO) / Horne


Community Disaster Housing Recovery

South Carolina CDBG
South Carolina CDBG

Project Summary

In October 2015, historic rain, wind, and massive flooding devastated communities in South Carolina, leaving hundreds of homes uninhabitable. As a result, SCDRO and HUD instituted a concentrated recovery program designed to restore or replace the affected housing inventory, predominantly located in impacted rural areas throughout the state.  

SCDRO and program administrator Horne, LLP engaged SLS as construction manager and general contractor to develop and execute the housing construction component of the program. The work included the permanent rehabilitation of recoverable “stick-built” homes, as well as the replacement of destroyed homes, either through a mobile home or modular home replacement, according to strict HUD CDBG-DR standards and guidelines. 

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