remote workforce housing 2011

Schlumberger Workforce Housing


In 2011, Schlumberger increased its services scope in the West Texas oilfields in support of client exploration  activities. This necessitated the provision of sustainable short-term exploratory remote housing until permanent  camps could be established in areas with proven production capabilities.

SLS and affiliated company DRC Emergency Services were engaged to construct a compound capable of  providing the exploratory workforce with safe, modern and convenient solutions to meet short-term housing  needs.

The exploratory camp was composed of 24 double-occupancy modular housing units, complete with kitchens  and laundry capabilities, as well as a small amenity center and office units. Also provided were camp operation  and maintenance services, which included housekeeping, linen service, vector control and security.

Project Specs:

Location: Cuero, Texas

Client: Schlumberger

Type: Private

Value: $950,000

Scope: Modular Unit Compound