hurricane recovery 2010-2016

Texas GLO Housing Recovery Program


In the 2000’s, Hurricanes Ike, Dolly and Rita severely impacted Texas, causing major damage to multiple regions  throughout the state, including the Gulf Coast, Central Texas, Southeast Texas and the Rio Grande Valley. As a  result, thousands of homes were rendered uninhabitable, with homeowners displaced and left without viable  primary residences. In response, the State of Texas and HUD instituted a comprehensive housing program to  assist in restoring the housing stock through home rehabilitation, elevation and reconstruction.

SLS was engaged in a pool of statewide prime contractors to participate in housing recovery efforts and was  tasked with providing a full spectrum of services, including design, engineering, permitting, procurement and  construction.

Round 1 of the Program was instituted at the regional, county and municipal levels, with SLS directly serving  entities such as the City of Galveston, Galveston County, the City of Houston, Harris County, the Southeast Texas  Regional Planning Commission and the Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council. Round 2 was consolidated  at the State level, with SLS continuing to serve the same regions, but working directly under the Texas GLO.

Project Specs:

Location: Texas (Various Locations)

Client: Texas General Land Office


Value: $150 Million

Units: 2100+ Homes