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California Emergency Staffing

California Emergency Staffing & Vaccination Services


California (100+ Locations)

Completion Year



California Department of Public Health


Medical Staffing/Vaccinations

California Emergency Staffing
California Emergency Staffing

Project Summary

In January 2021, the State of California tasked SLS Health to provide medical staffing support for vaccination services, migrant sites, and monoclonal antibody infusion clinics to decrease the surge of COVID-19.

When the SLS Health team exceeded contract expectations, our services were extended to support first responders and evacuees of wildfires in the area.   


To date, SLS has deployed more than 16,394 staff to support the State of California. The contract award was initially for Medical Surge Staff. The State took notice of our ability to pull diverse, professional, and clinically excellent resources on short notice and expanded our services to include other areas in need. 

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