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Emergency Intake Shelter

Emergency Intake Site for Unaccompanied Children


Long Beach, CA

Completion Year



U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)


Reunification Efforts and Care for Unaccompanied Minor Children

Emergency Intake Shelter
Emergency Intake Shelter

Project Summary

In April 2021, DRC was engaged to support HHS in transforming the Long Beach Convention Center into a 1,000-bed therapeutic children’s shelter for unaccompanied children (UC) detained at the border. The children – some fleeing violence and the effects of hurricanes – made long treacherous journeys to seek a better life in the United States. The SLS team, executed the contract on behalf of its wholly owned affiliate, DRC.

Under the diligent care of 100 case managers, 500 youth care workers and 500 clinical staff, DRC managed the safety and seamless reunification of 1,538 UC from at least nine countries, including girls under the age of 17 and boys under the age of 12. Working with over 10 government agencies and vetting family members and other suitable sponsors, DRC completed many of the reunifications ahead of schedule while providing classroom education and teaching important life skills. 

DRC provided full wrap services and 24/7 security with a team of 152 security personnel and five Federal Law Enforcement Officers. Additionally, 42 medical health care workers monitored the children’s health around the clock, with 1,676 childhood vaccinations, 7,344 COVID-19 tests and 917 COVID-19 vaccinations administered. 

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