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HERRC, New York, NY

Humanitarian Emergency Response & Relief Centers (HERRC)


New York, NY

Completion Year



NYC Emergency Management


Operational management of HERRC Welcome Centers providing shelter and humanitarian services for asylum seekers

HERRC, New York, NY
HERRC, New York, NY

Project Summary

On October 7, 2022, NYC Mayor Eric Adams issued an emergency declaration, instructing NYCEM and various City agencies to offer services and humanitarian aid to Asylum Seekers who had arrived in NYC on buses without immediate shelter plans.


To address this situation, the City established Humanitarian Emergency Response & Relief Centers (HERRC) designed to provide assistance and services to individuals and families seeking asylum.


SLS was contracted to oversee the operational management and staffing of these centers.

SLS personnel also played a crucial role in coordinating the delivery and distribution of essential resources, including meals, public transit cards, clothing donations, and vouchers, to assist guests at the HERRC facilities.

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