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Hurricane Ida Response

Hurricane Ida Disaster Response & Recovery


Louisiana (Jefferson, St. Charles & Terrebone Parishes)

Completion Year

2021 - 2023


State of Louisiana, Jefferson Parish, Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office, St. Charles Parish, Terrebone Parish


Base camps, Generators, Fuel, Catering, Equipment, Water & Ice and Restrooms & Showers

Hurricane Ida Response
Hurricane Ida Response

Project Summary

SLS played a crucial role in the Hurricane Ida recovery efforts in Louisiana. They provided emergency generators, water, ice, catering, fuel, temporary restrooms, showers, and laundry trailers to various sites affected by the disaster.

In response to Hurricane Ida's extensive damage and widespread power outages in late August 2021, SLS swiftly mobilized within twelve hours of activation to support five agencies. They supplied emergency generators to fourteen sites across the state, delivered 150 pallets of water, ten pallets of ice, 50,000 meals, 160,000 gallons of fuel, and set up temporary restroom, shower, and laundry facilities at multiple locations. Additionally, they provided potable water tanks.


Furthermore, SLS extended their assistance to Louisiana by offering emergency shelter for 100 people in St. Charles Parish and a 100-person support camp in Grand Isle, complete with HVAC, generators, catering, tables, and chairs. They also provided restroom and shower trailers for Terrebonne Parish residents who had been evacuated to Monroe, LA.

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