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NYC RR Housing

NYC Rapid Repairs 


New York, NY

Completion Year



New York Department of Environmental Protection


Community Disaster Housing Recovery

NYC RR Housing
NYC RR Housing

Project Summary

In late 2012, Superstorm Sandy made a devastating impact on the northeastern United States, including much of New York City. In an effort to assist affected residents during the winter months, the City and FEMA instituted the Rapid Repairs Program, enabling residents to shelter-in-place until permanent home repairs could be made.

SLS was engaged by New York City as one of several prime contractors, with SLS focusing on homes throughout Staten Island and Queens (Broad Channel). The work was performed in approximately five months following the storm, with an average of 40 homes completed per day under very challenging weather, geographic and logistical conditions.

Working under city staff and program manager CB&I, SLS employed the services of 45+ union and non-union subcontractors, with over 320 personnel engaged in the project. Work was executed seven days a week, 18 hours per day under highly accelerated timeframes and performance standards.

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