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Border Infrastructure


Donna, Mission, Progresso, TX

Completion Year

2018 - Present


United States Army Corps of Engineers


Design-Build Border Wall 

Border Infrastructure
Border Infrastructure

Project Summary

The RGV-02 and RGV-03 border wall projects are unique initiatives within the federal program to secure the US-Mexico border. These projects involve the construction of an $167 million, 8-mile levee wall system in the Rio Grande Valley, which serves the dual purpose of border security and flood protection. The reinforced concrete levee wall was built to match the existing levee's height, with 18-foot steel bollards installed on top of it.

SLS, as the design-build contractor adhering to Texas Instruments (TI) design standards, managed the entire design process, from the request for proposal (RFP) to a fully detailed design. This structure was integrated into the existing earthen levee in the Mission and Progresso areas of the Rio Grande Valley.


Throughout the project, SLS collaborated with governmental and international agencies, including the International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC), while addressing the needs of local farmers and growers in the region. SLS and its subcontractors supervised over 300 employees, handling material orders, deliveries, contractor schedules, and security. They provided innovative solutions in challenging political, environmental, and security conditions, effectively managing risks and maintaining a contingency response mindset similar to military or disaster operations.

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